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Neverclear Liquid Rocket Engine

Using sub-cooled nitrous oxide at a temperature of -70 degrees Fahrenheit a​nd concentrated ethanol as fuel, and designed for a thrust of 750 lbf, Neverclear Mk.0 is a research engine designed to give SquidWorks experience with liquid fueled rocket systems and demonstrate technologies for future sounding rockets. Though the engine is still in the intermediate design phase, hardware procurement has begun on the propellant feed & ullage pressurizing systems. Subsystem testing is expected to begin in earnest in early 2019, with a first hot fire targeted for August 2019. 

Unfortunately, SquidWorks' other projects have until lately detracted from our ability to focus on the liquid engine program, though as we complete the Payload Planners Guide program, we will begin moving our resources fully into Neverclear. 



Regulators for the ullage pressurization system

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